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Holiday Gift Recommendations from Sleep Number Team Members

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Holiday Gift Recommendations from Sleep Number Team Me

Three Sleep Number team members share recommendations of books to give as gifts. These books evoke nostalgia, love, and fantasy for adults and kids. What type of books do you love to read? To gift? We hope these picks pull at your reading heartstrings, and spark some helpful gifting ideas.


The St. Paul Stories of F. Scott Fitzgerald  

Rose D., Sr. Brand Copywriter


What is The St. Paul Stories about?


It is about a collection of short stories that F. Scott Fitzgerald wrote rich in St. Paul, MN history. He talks about young love, events and his native roots. The descriptions are sweet, funny and charming. It feels like you’re escaping to another era.


What makes this book so special to you?


Having lived in St. Paul my whole life, it is special to me to be able to pick it up and remember that F. Scott Fitzgerald grew up here. I find it charming and wonderful. A character in the story finds it horrifying how cold MN is, as where I take a certain pride of growing up here with the snow, cold and ice.


Who have you gifted this book to, and why?


My best friend and roommate who now lives in Washington D.C. I shared this book with her because although she doesn’t live in MN anymore, it gives her a sense of “home”.


Are there any other books you’ve gifted in the past?


The Night Circus. I picked this as a Valentine’s Day gift one year. It’s about a circus that appears out of nowhere that creates illusions. For anyone that wants to be transported to a world you wish existed, this is a book for you.


How do you eat an OREO?


I twist both cookies first. Then I eat the cream filled center entirely and eat the other halves last.


I Wish You More


Jim H., Marketing Planning Manager


What is I Wish You More about?


It’s a children book about being a parent wishing your children more “can” than “not”, more “give” than “take”. It’s a beautiful book honoring your child because they are more than you could ever ask for.


Who have you gifted this book to, and why?


My wife and I gifted this book to our daughter. We did this to honor her birth. My wife loved reading to her while in the womb and carried that tradition on when she entered the world.


What are some joys of being a parent?


It’s hard to pick one, I think everything is a joy. Seeing her personality and communication skills grow over time is fun to watch!


Was there a favorite book your parents read to you when you were younger?


The Giving Tree. It’s a beautiful message about selfless love.


How do you eat an OREO?


Straight up! No dunking allowed!




Sarah S., Media Coordinator


What is After about?


It’s a young adult love story based off a super popular fan fiction that Anna wrote out of her own enjoyment. It’s now part of a 6-book series. Rumor has it the main guy in this story is Harry Styles from the band One Direction.


Who did you gift this book to and why?


I gifted this book to my youngest sister. She’s an avid reader and it was a gift she really wanted for her birthday. Since she’s a fan of One Direction’s Harry Styles, and the character in the book is rumored to resemble him, she was excited to read it.


Are there any other books you’ve gifted in the past?


Yes. I’ve gifted several. Some books to name a few are: 50 Shades of Grey, After Ever Happy, as well as a beer making book for my fiancé.


Has anyone gifted you a book? Types?


Yes. I love book series and some that have been gifted to me include: 50 Shades of Grey series, Harry Potter series and The Empire Academy series.


How do you eat an OREO?


I will break the OREO in half, stack it, and then dunk it in milk.




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