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Blue Star Military Family’s Sleep Surprise

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Blue Star Military Family’s Sleep Surprise

Sleep Number honors a very special military family in Fort Campbell, KY. Meet First Sergeant Jackson and his wife Stacy.


Supporting the Global War on Terrorism, First Sergeant Jackson is deployed in Camp Lemonnier Djabouti, Africa. “At the conclusion of this tour, I will have been deployed in a combat zone for almost four years. My wife Stacy has been supportive every step of the way, caring for our two young children, Brody and Bryce,” said First Sergeant Jackson. “She also runs her own business and leads our unit’s Family Readiness Group, which provides support and assistance to spouses and families of more than 130 deployed soldiers.”


“All of these responsibilities more than fill her days, leaving very little time for herself. She often falls asleep on the couch, barely making it into our bedroom before she has to wake up again and get our little ones ready for the day. I nominated her to win a Sleep Number 360™ i7 smart bed to hopefully show her how much we care and appreciate the sacrifices she makes daily for our family and our soldiers’ families,” adds First Sergeant Jackson.


On May 12, the “Sleep Number Surprise” was revealed to Stacy via video recorded by her husband, First Sergeant Jackson, all the way from Africa.



If you know/are a retired or current member of the military needing better sleep, learn more about exclusive savings for heroes as part of the Memorial Day Sleep Number Military Appreciation Event.


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