Sleep Number Insider Darrell Bays and his wife, Debbie with their daughter.

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Insider Story: How Better Sleep Brought Back Dreams

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Insider Story: How Better Sleep Brought Back Dreams

Eight years ago, Darrell Bays and his wife, Debbie, purchased a new mattress. It was a bad fit from the start, Darrell recalls. “From the moment we purchased it, that bed was a problem….”


Darrell had never had any noticeable issues sleeping on their old mattress. But the new one caused insomnia and discomfort almost immediately. “My sleep went from somewhat decent to almost nonexistent” he recalls. “My arms would go to sleep and I’d wake up with a throbbing headache. I went from getting more than seven hours of sleep every night to getting maybe two to three hours.”


The couple invested in a pillow top, but even that didn’t help. When Darrell, who works in the oil and gas industry in New Mexico as a production foreman, left for work each morning at 5 am, he felt exhausted. “I was generally lackluster and unmotivated,” he says. “There were lots of weekends where I basically did nothing but lay around all weekend.”


Increased Sleep—and Energy


Darrell and Debbie eventually resigned themselves to buying another new mattress. But they didn’t want to make the same mistake again.


That’s when Darrell remembered that his parents owned a Sleep Number bed that they had slept on for more than two decades—without any issues. The cost of a Sleep Number mattress was more expensive than competing brands—but Darrell calculated that the longevity of the bed would make it worth the cost. Plus, wasn’t his health and happiness worth something?


Buying a Sleep Number bed resulted in a near-immediate transformation. Darrell found he could fall asleep faster and slumber through the whole night. “I’m a lot more active. I’ve started working out again, doing stuff that I previously used to do when I was younger,” he says. “I feel a whole lot better health wise.”


But perhaps the most surprising thing to Darrell is the impact on his dreams. “Back on the old mattress, I don’t remember dreaming. I must not have been in deep sleep—or REM—because I can’t recall having dreams.”


Now, he says, he’s not nearly as moody and lethargic as he was while sleeping on the old mattress. “I feel better. And I remember my dreams. It’s been a huge and worthwhile change.”



To learn more about the impact of sleep on dreams, check out the “Sleep Science” section of the Sleep Number blog.

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