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Insider Story: A Bed as Soothing as Music

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Insider Story: A Bed as Soothing as Music

Linda and Bob Granzow have an appreciation for finely tuned instruments. They met while working as instrumentalists in the U.S. Army band program—he was a trumpeter, she played saxophone and bassoon. Both stationed in Germany in the 1980s, they met, fell in love, got married and now, in retirement, split their time between Arizona and Montana. They no longer perform, but there’s plenty of harmony in their lives nonetheless.


A Need for More Rest


These days, the instrument the Granzow’s are most fond of is their Sleep Number bed. “We really miss it when we travel,” Linda says. Purchased in 2015, the mattress has had a significant impact on their restfulness. “Our quality of sleep had deteriorated so much. I don’t think we really realized that until we bought a new mattress,” she adds. “Sleep is so vital to everything in your life—various aspects of your physical health, but also joint relief and feeling like you can move when you get out of bed in the morning. Sleep affects your mental health and, I think, even appetite control. It’s really such a huge component of overall wellness.”


The Granzow’s, now in their 60s, began mulling the decision to purchase a new bed shortly after they retired and moved to Mesa, Arizona. Increasingly, they noticed they had sore backs and “felt a little creaky” when they awoke in the morning. Getting a full eight hours of sleep was increasingly rare. After poking around online in search of a solution, Linda resigned herself to the fact that they needed to go mattress shopping: “I hate shopping for beds as much as I hate shopping for cars,” she says with a laugh.


A Loyal Fan


A friend had recommended Sleep Number, so Linda and Bob dropped by a Sleep Number store and had a look. The salesperson urged them to try a variety of options and helped them test the numbers. “It took a while, but it was pleasant,” Linda recalls. They left without making a purchase, but two days later they were back to make a selection. “We’ve only had one issue—a minor glitch with the remote control—and the company replaced it right away,” Linda says. “People ask about our Sleep Number bed and we tell them we are so glad that we bought one.”


What’s more, Linda fell in love with Sleep Number’s other products—the bedding, the pillows, the shams. “We pretty much have the whole assortment of Sleep Number products,” she confesses. “I just love the colors and material. And we’re part of the Insider program, so we get lots of information about deals and specials. I think people are really doing themselves a disadvantage if they don’t take advantage of the Insider specials.”




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