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Teens Talk Better Sleep, and What It Takes to Get There

Kayla Bello, a Fuel Up To Play 60 National Youth Council member, knows the importance of a good night’s sleep for teens. Like typical freshmen, Bello had to adjust to earlier school start times and increasing demands of homework and extracurricular activities. “I used to wake up at 5 a.m. And sometimes I’d get home…

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Could This be Your Year of Saying No to Diet Trends?

Bowl of brightly-colored, chopped fresh vegetables for a salad. Healthy lifestyle with no dieting.

From fad diets to the latest hot restaurant to recipes that take three hours to polish, it’s all too easy sometimes for a sense of FOMO — fear of missing out — to feel all encompassing, with stress about where to eat, what and when. The antidote can be as easy as just saying no.…

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6 Top Stories of 2019

Couple in bed. Man sleeping, woman will pillow over ears and angry expression.

In 2019 you were very curious about sleep and its impact on your health & wellness. We hope we helped answer your questions. Here, we revisit six top stories from Sleep Number’s Hello. Good Night. blog. 5 Tips for Falling Asleep Faster Brought to you by featured guest blogger, Katie Bower, author and founder of…

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Why Do I … Sweat When I Sleep?

Black and white photograph of woman sleeping in bed, partially uncovered. Possibly sweating, sleeping too warm.

You go to bed shivering, only to wake up in a sweat. What’s all that about? Assuming you’re not down with a fever, sweating when you sleep is simply a matter of your body trying to regulate its own thermostat. We spoke with Sleep Number experts to explain what’s going on. Question: Is sweating when…

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How Tech Helps Justin Thrive [Insider Story]

Open laptop with male hands resting on keys. Technology accessibility for the visually impaired.

Hi, Justin! Let’s start with your job. Can you tell us a bit about what you do? I work on the back end of designing modules and course structure for online courses for an organization called World Services for the Blind. It’s kind of like vocational training for blind and visually impaired people. So I…

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More Than Football: Coolest NFL Side Hustles

Black coffee mug on desk next to computer with word hustle written on it. Football player side hustles.

From July to February, it’s all gridiron, all the time for NFL players. But that leaves more than half the year away from the field. And while recovering from the season and training for the next one can take much of their time, some players take the off-season to pursue their other passions and professions.…

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3 Military Families Get a Pleasant Surprise

Military family, couple, with NFL player smiling in front of Sleep Number delivery truck after receiving free bed.

When he returns home to the Dallas area from deployment to Afghanistan this December, Jerrod Kennemur, a U.S. Army National Guard, will trade a standard-issue military twin mattress for a customizable Sleep Number 360® smart bed. His new bed, along with Sleep Number beds for his two children, were part of a special thank you…

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Gym Keeps This Texas Senior Couple in Shape and in Love

Dark red arrow and word gym on path, pointing to location of gym. For seniors moving in a healthy lifestyle direction.

For Jim and Stanya Owen, keeping love alive after 50 years of marriage can mean fun and games — and some serious gym time. Every Valentine’s Day, the couple, both age 78, continue a tradition started when they were young and couldn’t afford an elaborate holiday celebration. They hide greeting cards for each other in…

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Catch Up on Self-Care (While He Catches the Game)

Young woman sitting on stool at hip coffee shop. Cup in hand, smiling, enjoying time for herself.

Losing your spouse to football season may not be a bad thing. While he’s busy, you can focus on your preferences. Whether you’re into a day off by yourself at the museum, a much-needed yoga session, or simply enjoying an afternoon shopping with an old friend, spending time apart for a little self-care can be…

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Self-Care For the Real World

Desktop with binder clips, watch, coffee mug and goals notebook open to blank page.

Self-care — sure, it would be nice to get weekly manicures and monthly spa appointments, and journal for an hour a day and eat only perfect food. But who has the time? “The way we like to define self-care is learning to look after your own self as you would a child or a very…

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