Sleep Number Insider and accountant Janice with family members next to woods.

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An Accountant with a Plan (& a Garden) [Insider Story]

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An Accountant with a Plan (& a Garden) [Insider Story]

Hi, Janice! Could you tell us about your job and how you help people?

I’ve been an accountant for about thirty-eight years, and most of my career had been helping established businesses manage their general ledger. For nine years, I was the manager of a business-services team, and our clients would wait until there was something really urgent to call us, because it was expensive.

But…I just didn’t like that model—I wanted to break that mold. Now I do fixed billing, so my clients can predict their expenses, including what they pay me. I wanted to spend my time helping young entrepreneurs—not necessarily young people, but young entrepreneurs—get on their feet and succeed. I help people who maybe can’t pay right now but I have faith in them and their product and their process and what they’re doing.

Do you have any tips for people starting a business?

Be focused on what you’re going to do and what you offer, and then stay true to that. People will get so distracted and sidetracked by all the noise out there, and lose track of their core. Have a strong business plan and visit it every day, every morning. Remind yourself of what you want to be doing.

Are there any things about your job that might surprise people?

A general-ledger accountant is not a bookkeeper. We do things differently. I want people to look at their reports and what they’re doing and be able to forecast and see what’s going to happen in the future.

What are your hobbies outside of work?

I have to stay connected to the ground. I have to garden and get my feet dirty and my hands dirty. I have flowers and vegetables—everything. I have a messy English-style garden, with roses and dahlias and peonies and irises. My husband, Ken, builds me raised cedar beds for my vegetables. 

Let’s talk about your bed. How long have you had a Sleep Number bed?

Nineteen years!

Wow! That’s fantastic. What sparked your decision to get a Sleep Number bed in the first place? Is it worth it?

It was a referral from a chiropractor. He said that my husband and I had very different needs, so we needed to either sleep in separate beds or get a Sleep Number bed. And it was the best investment we’ve made. We’re looking at moving our bed into the guest bedroom and getting a new one for ourselves.

How does quality sleep from your Sleep Number bed help you day-to-day?

There are days when I work too hard in the garden or I’ve done too much, and I can lower the Sleep Number setting and have it cradle me—or, other days, I can make the mattress firmer. You have that option with a Sleep Number bed.

We’ve also been so happy with the customer service. A little over a year ago, one of the mattress air chambers on my husband’s side, started losing air. And Sleep Number replaced it. It was nineteen years old! And then [Sleep Number] gave me a great deal because the brand-new pump and remote work better, so we got that. You’ve got us for life. I believe great customer service is imperative to what I do, and you guys are an example of that.

If you could sleep anywhere in the world, where would it be?

Well, I would need my bed with me. But if I could pack it up and take it along, I’d want to go to the beach, someplace where I could just open up the door to the veranda and look out at the water.

Finally, what’s your Sleep Number setting?

Mine is 50 and Ken’s is 65.

Thanks, Janice!

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