Couple sleeping in bed with blue coloring under the woman and red under the man to represent the DualTemp individual layer from Sleep Number. Nightstands are on both sides of the bed.

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Solutions to Couples Wanting Different Sleep Temperatures

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Solutions to Couples Wanting Different Sleep Temperatu

They say opposites attract, right? So it’s inevitable that one of you is a night owl and the other’s an early bird. And, even more likely that one of you sleeps like a fiery furnace, while your partner is a popsicle.


Experts recommend that the best bedroom temperature for optimal sleep is between 65 to 68 degrees. But, for couples that disagree on temperature, hijacking the thermostat is often the norm and only leads to someone having a poor night’s sleep…and a grumpier morning. The good news is, there are ways to ways to keep you both sleeping just right:


The Mattress


Originally developed for astronauts in space, phase change technology can now be found in fabrics designed to actively regulate temperature. Mattresses and bedding that feature Outlast® technology are perfect for couples as they absorb excess heat, store it, and release it as you cool. So you both sleep comfortably all through the night.


The Fabrics


Fabrics with wicking technology can also help couples sleep more soundly, especially when one person is a hot sleeper. Sweat is drawn quickly to the surface and away from the skin where it evaporates more quickly…leaving you cool and dry. Choosing fabrics and foams designed for breathability and airflow can help alleviate tossing and turning that can disrupt you and your partner’s sleep.


Control Your Temperature


Consider a comforter that suits you both, such as one that lets you customize each side whether you prefer light or extra toasty warm. For ultimate control over your sleep temperature, a mattress layer, such as the Sleep Number® DualTemp layer, allows you to heat or cool each side of the bed to your liking.


The bottom line is, embrace your differences—and still get the quality sleep you both deserve. Bedding has come a long way with innovations that keep you sleeping better together. (Hint, hint, just take a look at our website!).



Like diet and exercise, quality sleep is essential for optimal health and performance. Because everyone’s sleep needs are different, Sleep Number® beds with SleepIQ® technology inside adjust to your ideal level of firmness, comfort and support. SleepIQ technology tracks how well you sleep each night, giving you personal insights into your sleep so you’ll learn how life affects your sleep and how sleep affects your life. Find your Sleep Number® setting for your best possible night’s sleep.

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