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A Writer’s Good Night Story [Insider Story]

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A Writer’s Good Night Story [Insider Story]

Hi, Wes! How’d you get started as a writer?

I’ve always loved writing and loved reading, especially fantasy and things that really take your mind away from everything. And I thought, “I can do this. I’m going to start writing something.” It’s something a little bit different, a fantasy romance novel. It also has ancient history and mythology. And I’ve been writing this book on and off for several years.

What’s your process? How do you come up with ideas?

I have to be motivated—I have to be inspired to write. And when I am, I seem to just write nonstop for a good week or so. And then I have to wait for inspiration again. I could open my computer now and start writing something, but there’s no inspiration behind it, and I can see that when I go back and read it. So I have to wait for inspiration again before I can keep writing.

I also believe in writing what you know, and I put little bits of my personality in what I write. You’re writing a conversation between two characters, but that’s really just happening in your own mind. And you want them to sound a little different, not just like you.

Do you have any ways of seeking inspiration?

Not really. I’m waiting for the lightening bolt. It can be anything: reading something in the paper or seeing a movie. It’s never the same thing. But when it comes, it gives birth to a new idea and helps me further the story and make it more interesting. If I don’t want to read it, other people probably don’t want to read it. I don’t want to be the same cookie-cutter writer as everyone else.

Speaking of inspiration, what sparked your decision to get a Sleep Number bed?

I got my bed about five or six years ago. Sleeping on a regular mattress just wasn’t working for me. I’ve tried foam mattresses and air mattresses, and nothing really worked for me. But the first time I laid on a Sleep Number® bed, it was just the most comfortable thing. I have a long history of back pain, and I sat and wondered if this would help my back. So, I got one and set it up, and the first time I laid on it, that was the best night’s sleep I ever had.

I like getting the SleepIQ® report every day from the bed’s app too. That’s an amazing thing. It tells you if you were moving all night or if you slept without any problems. I check my SleepIQ score most of the time, and it’s really helpful. There have been times when I’ve been sick or just extremely tired and I didn’t get out of bed for almost two days—that’s how comfortable the bed is.

If you could sleep anywhere in the world, where would it be?

Santorini in Greece. I’ve always just had this idea of going there, and part of the inspiration for my book is Greek mythology. One day, I’ll find a way to make the trip.

Finally, what’s your Sleep Number setting?

I’ll try different numbers, from 100 down to 60 or 65. That’s usually the range. If I’m napping, I’ll have it at the firmest 100, but at nighttime, I’ll bring it down to a softer 70 or 75. You can’t do something like that with a regular mattress.

Thanks, Wes!

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