Veterinarian and Sleep Number Insider Amy Lucas pictured with a child.

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A Veterinary Tech’s Purr-fect Sleep [Insider Story]

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A Veterinary Tech’s Purr-fect Sleep [Insider Story]

Tell us a bit about your job. What animals do you work with?

Mostly dogs and cats, but we get the occasional bird or horse or iguana. Pretty randomly, we’ll get some reptiles with eye issues. Veterinary techs run bloodwork, we place catheters, we do anesthesia, and all these things behind the scenes that people don’t see.

Are there any things about your job that would surprise people?

I think a lot of people don’t understand the knowledge that vet techs have. They don’t realize that we do most of the work, except for surgery and diagnosis. We’re a huge part of veterinary medicine—doctors can’t survive without a technician.

What sparked your decision to get a Sleep Number bed?

My husband, John, and I got ours the day after we got married. Prior to that, we were sleeping in separate bedrooms because his bed was too bad for my back. We got a Sleep Number® bed so that we could actually sleep in the same bed and have different settings. He likes really soft and I like really firm. I was more rested and was able to do a better job at work.

It’s definitely improved my sleep. I sleep better, I’m getting up less. When I wake up, my back doesn’t hurt. With my old bed, I would have to slowly get out of bed to make sure nothing got thrown out. Now I just pop right up and get on with my day.

How does better sleep help you day-to-day?

If I’m not alert, I could miss something that’s going on. I had a patient come in with an eye problem, and I realized they were in a diabetic crisis. Had I not been paying attention to how the animal was acting, beyond the issues with its eyes, I would have missed that.

We’re also often bending in weird positions or lying on the floor or upside down, restraining animals for the doctors. You have to be strong enough to hold them in place, and if you’re tired or have back pain, you can’t do it.  I have arthritis in my back, so when we bought our new bed, I knew I wanted something that would help me with that, because it gets painful over time.

And you have a side gig making…cotton candy?

Yes! For my wedding, I had someone come and spin gourmet cotton candy. It looked like fun and I actually asked her if I could come spin cotton candy with her—and now I work events for her. My favorite flavors are caramel and marshmallow. We also do a ton of Champaign flavor for adult parties. But it also contributes to my back pain, unfortunately, leaning into the machine.

If you could sleep anywhere in the world, where would it be?

Santorini in Greece. I haven’t been there, but that’s my dream place. I just think it’s beautiful there—all the white buildings and the bright blue sea. I’m a beach girl, so anywhere with a beach is good for me, but Santorini just looks so gorgeous.  

Finally, what is your Sleep Number setting?

I range between 25 and 40, depending on my day. And John’s is about 20.

Thanks, Amy!

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