Sleep Number Insider and hobbyist woodworker David builds beds. Pictured near mountain lake.

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A Hobbyist Goes Big (Insider Story)

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A Hobbyist Goes Big (Insider Story)

Hi, David! Tell Us About What You Build and How You Got Into Woodworking.

I basically grew up in my grandfather’s garage. He was a woodworker and I was always finding some way to tinker with wood, and that started to become more of a hobby as I got older.

Recently, it’s taken to building furniture. I made a fort bed for my son—that was his transition out of a toddler bed. My daughter, who is older, had a longer list of things she wanted to include, so hers has some drawers and stuff. But both were sketched on a napkin to start with, and then I drew them with more detail and then made it work. They’re all original designs.

Sleep Number Insider, woodworker David builds beds like this playset-like loft bed with slide.

For me, to be covered in sawdust and not sitting at a desk, with a keyboard, is a good reprieve.

Sleep Number Insider, woodworker David builds beds like this platform bed with built in drawers, cubbies and lights.

Do You Have Anything You’re Working on Now?

My wife wants a farm table. I’m in the process of trying to acquire some of the reclaimed wood. But this one’s going to be pretty chunky, so it’s going to be made using very nonstandard, thick pieces of wood. I’m still in the process of putting the pieces together.

Any Tips for People Who Want to Get into Woodworking?

Always start small. Wood’s a pretty forgiving material. Measure twice, cut once.  Watch YouTube videos as a resource. And you really need good tools.

What Drew You to Sleep Number? Is a Sleep Number Bed Worth It?

We’ve had our bed for about a year and a half. My wife, has chronic back pain that started from a horseback riding accident about 20 years ago, and as a result, she hasn’t been able to sleep very well. So we were looking for ways to get her to sleep better. We liked the modular base that Sleep Number offered, so you can adjust the incline, and the ability to adjust it to our own firmness levels—although it turned out we have the same setting. And the durability, too. We knew it was something that would hold up for some time. Plus, it’s nice to be able to monitor our sleeping [with the SleepIQ app] and see how we’re doing.

The bed has helped her a lot—and me, too.

Tell Us About Your Bedtime Routine.

Our kids are 10 and 13, so they’re active in sports—normally, we’ve got an evening routine that involves running to practice or running to robotics club. Then we spend some time with them, and my wife and I also usually watch TV together.

If You Could Sleep Anywhere in the World, Where Would it Be?

I don’t have a specific destination, but anywhere on the water, on the beach, especially anywhere you can hear the waves and get a gentle ocean breeze.

Finally, What is Your Sleep Number Setting?

We’re both 30.

Thanks, David!

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