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7 Tips for Tiny Bedrooms

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7 Tips for Tiny Bedrooms

When you live in a small space, you’ve got to make the most of every square inch. Chelsey Brown, the blogger behind CityChicDecor.com, knows this. Her New York City apartment is just 750 square feet. From decorating to organization, Chelsey has learned—and shared on her blog—lots of tricks for transforming and maximizing snug spaces.


Bedrooms, of course, are particularly tricky. “I have a Sleep Number queen bed and it pretty much covers the entire square footage of my bedroom,” Chelsey says. “But I make it work!”


Why? Because a good night’s sleep is key to daily vitality. Plus, Chelsey says, previous mattresses left her with back pain and breathing issues. Both problems eased considerably after she invested in a Sleep Number bed.


A bedroom should be a sanctuary for sleeping, and Chelsey has furnished hers to maximize calm and serenity. Here are her tips for making a small bedroom a beautiful and cozy place to get your Zzz’s.


1. Orient the bed.


When you enter the room, the head of the bed should be against the opposite wall. If you’re lying on your back in bed, you should have an easy view of the door. “There’s a sort of feng shui about it,” Chelsey says. “Generally, it will feel more natural and comfortable.”


2. Add a nightstand or shelf.


If space permits, Chelsey says, put a nightstand on either side of the bed. you should have a nightstand or shelf. If your bed is against a corner, install a small wall shelf to create surface area. You can put your book there as you nod off. Or leave a glass of water for when you wake up in the middle of the night.


3. Get a little lamp.


On top of the nightstand, place a small lamp, even if you have lighting elsewhere in the room. You’ll want something you can switch on when when you need to read for a bit or something goes bump in the night. Plus, a lamp makes a decorative statement. “Stick to LEDs vs. incandescents,” Chelsey says. “They use less energy and have a longer life.”


4. Invest in blackout shades.


“Did you know you can get blackout shades in any color? Most people don’t,” Chelsey says. Choosing ones with lighter colors, like white or ivory, will make the space feel bigger when they’re drawn and the lights are on.


5. Shop for an air purifier.


“I think everyone should have one of these in their bedroom,” Chelsey says. For city dwellers, air purifiers help pull dust, dirt, dead skin cells, and grime from the air. “It’s nice to know you’re breathing pure clean fresh air.” Plus, you won’t have to clean as regularly.


6. Lock up your valuables.


Security in apartment buildings—where most small living spaces are located—isn’t always the best. So make sure your jewelry, passport and other important things aren’t just sitting in a dresser drawer. Chelsey suggests buying a small safe where you can keep such things. Even if burglars rifle through your bedroom, they won’t be able to purloin your most valuable possessions.


7. Replace the monsters under the bed.


When you live in a small space, keeping clutter at bay is important. If there’s room under your bed frame, put things in boxes or totes and store them there. With unneeded objects out of sight, you’ll feel less distracted and ready to rest in your bedroom sanctuary.




For more tips on decorating a bedroom, read “Is your bedroom décor ruining your love life?” on the Sleep Number blog.

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