Couple in bed. Man sleeping, woman will pillow over ears and angry expression.

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6 Top Stories of 2019

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6 Top Stories of 2019

In 2019 you were very curious about sleep and its impact on your health & wellness. We hope we helped answer your questions. Here, we revisit six top stories from Sleep Number’s Hello. Good Night. blog.

Pregnant woman lying in bed holding toddler up in the air.

5 Tips for Falling Asleep Faster

Brought to you by featured guest blogger, Katie Bower, author and founder of Bower Power. Katie put some of the most common shut-eye tips to the test and narrowed them down to her favorite five. Read More

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6 Surprising Foods That Make You Sleepy

When it comes to the top foods touted for making you feel tired and sleepy, turkey typically tops the list. But some myths are meant to be broken. Pete Bils, vice president of sleep science and research for Sleep Number, walks us through the chemistry, physiology and truth behind foods that make you sleepy. Read More

Couple in bed. Man sleeping, woman will pillow over ears and angry expression.

Why Do People Talk in Their Sleep?

Sleep talking is common, especially for young kids. What’s going on, and is it cause for concern? Read More

Stacks of crisp, soft-colored sheets and pillows next to sleek bedside table with modern accessories.

How Often Should You Wash Your Bedding? and Do Sheet Thread Counts Really Matter?

Does anyone really like doing laundry? What you need to know about washing your bedding. Read More

Bedding expert answers once and for all “Do Sheet Thread Counts Really Matter? Read her answer here

Bright white bedding and wooden bedside table with vase of white flowers, candle and cell phone.

6 Self-Care Methods to Boost Mental and Physical Health

What’s your answer to the one question this therapist asks that leaves her patients speechless? Read More

BONUS: How Did Your State Sleep in 2019?

See the best and worst slept states.

United States, all 50 states. Blue with sparkly stars. White outline.

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