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5 Winning Football Party Game Ideas for All Ages

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5 Winning Football Party Game Ideas for All Ages

“Football is a great American pastime, one that brings families together even if they are not rooting for the same teams, which can get interesting,” says Renee Patrone, CEO of Party Host Helpers from Wayne, Pennsylvania. “There’s normally that lull before the game starts when guests are arriving, so interactive games get the guests in the mood.”


Games can entertain and engage both kids and adults, and keep the party going during halftime, she notes. Pre-party game prep is easy, and doesn’t need to be expensive — a dollar store is a great place to start, she suggests, for football-themed prizes for the game winners.


Kathryn Starke is the author and creator of Tackle Reading, which works with celebrities and NFL athletes to help schools achieve literary success. She loves incorporating football-themed activities during a game day party. She thinks home party games and activities are a perfect way to keep the party going off the screen, and giving out prizes, like football-themed books, are a win-win for everyone.


Ready to score one for the home team? Here are some winning party ideas.


1. NFL Mascot Matching Game from Moms & Munchkins


Think you know which NFL team has “Roary” on the sidelines rooting for them? Where does “Captain Fear” set sail from? In this game, match the mascot with the correct NFL team. You can print out a free mascot trivia sheet, pass them out at the party, and see which NFL mascot maven at your party makes the most matches.


2. Pass the Helmet from The Spruce


Put a pile of small football-themed prizes in a helmet, such as football erasers or stickers (those dollar store finds can come into play here). Guests sit in a circle. Turn the music on and pass the helmet around. Stop the music at random intervals. The person holding the helmet when the music stops takes a prize. When the music plays again, continue to pass the helmet. Play until the helmet is empty.


3. Football Bingo from Evite


Create cards to hand out to all your guests that list different football-related items or events. Guests can mark off the different images they see on the screen on their bingo cards. The first one to get five across, vertically or diagonally, wins. If you want to save some time and keep it simple, Evite provides free downloadable bingo cards for one to six players.


4. Football Charades from The Joys of Boys


How would you act out a huddle or spiking the ball? For more of a challenge, how would you mime being a linebacker? The classic game of charades, where players take turns silently acting out a term that others have to guess, can take on a gridiron hue. For ideas, download the free Football Charades list to print out, cut out the word strips and have people take turns acting out the items or action found on each piece of paper.


5. DIY Bean Bag Football Toss from Amy Latta Creations


A bean bag football toss can help get the kids off the couch and moving, if they need a break. You might encourage friends or kids to help create this indoor game well before kickoff, which also doubles as an educational math activity. The crafting site offers a step-by-step tutorial. You can customize the game depending on the ages of the kids and your own DIY skills.




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