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5 Surprising Signs You’re Sleep Deprived

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5 Surprising Signs You’re Sleep Deprived

Does Daylight Saving Time push you from getting by to sleep deprived? Look for these unexpected signs.


Must. Have. Sugar.

Drawn to sugar? Lack of sleep disrupts blood sugar levels and causes your body to produce more of the hormone that stimulates hunger.


You keep getting colds

Less than seven hours of sleep per night suppresses your immune system, which makes it easier to catch a cold.


You’re forgetful

Sleep plays an important role in consolidating both long and short-term memory. When you’re sleep deprived it’s harder to form memories and to recall past events.


You cry more easily

Lack of sleep can make it more difficult to handle daily stresses and can send your emotions into overdrive.


You can’t make decisions

When you’re tired, you’re less able to distinguish between the big and the small stuff. So even the simplest decisions can seem overwhelming.



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