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5 Reasons a Sleep Number Bed Can Help Your Marriage

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5 Reasons a Sleep Number Bed Can Help Your Marriage

Brought to you by our featured guest blogger Keri Lyn, founder/owner of She Saved.


We have been sleeping on our Sleep Number bed for almost 2 months now and I can honestly tell you that this journey has been life-changing. A self-proclaimed night owl, I used to dread going to bed because it just wasn’t something that I looked forward to. My husband on the other hand, actually suffers from some serious sleep issues that have been very difficult to overcome and as much as he would long for a good night’s sleep, it hasn’t always come easy. This bed has been such a wonderful solution for us, so I thought I would share with you these 5 reasons that a sleep number bed can help your marriage, as it’s certainly helped ours.


Agree to Disagree.


Great marriage advice, right? Well, in terms of a Sleep Number setting it is! It’s like getting permission to do something completely self-focused and it feels (literally!) amazing. When we first set up our Sleep Number mattress, my hubby and I both loved the process of finding our own comfort zone. How often in a marriage do you agree to disagree and really find excitement in the process? Agreeing to disagree never felt so good, I promise!


Go to Bed Happy. Wake up Happy.


They say you should never go to bed angry, but you can take it one step further and go to be happy, it’s true! Until we had a Sleep Number bed, I hadn’t ever really been excited about going to bed. I’m a night owl. I love to stay up and I have a really hard time resigning my days as they turn into nights. Now, we actually look forward to going to bed, and we also wake up ready to take on the day. As they say, happiness is contagious. When you start and end your day with happiness, you just can’t go wrong.


Invest in Each Other.


Every purchase that you make together as a couple really is an investment in each other. It might be a short-term investment like a vacation, or it might be a more long-term, thought-out investment like a vehicle or new mattress. Your choices regarding investments speak volumes about the value that you place on those areas of your life together. The fact is, you are spending a large portion of your marriage (up to one third of your life!) in the bedroom and it’s a worthwhile investment at that. Aside from the health benefits of great sleep and support, you will also reap the benefits of acknowledging the importance of your marriage and intimate moments together.


Create Your Own Common Ground.


Like I said earlier, rarely do two people in a marriage agree on everything. With a Sleep Number bed, we have created a common ground that meets our individual needs and yet, allows us to each have our own unique settings. It has become one of our favorite places to hang out because we both find comfort and happiness there without asking the other to sacrifice or compromise.


Work Hard. Play Hard. Sleep Well.


It’s all about balance, right? I think that’s what we all strive for anyway. It can be tough. Jobs, kids, activities, household bills and obligations all make for crazy busy lives and little time for reaping the rewards. It might be hard to find that time to take all of the vacations that you want, but investing in quality sleep is one way to reward yourself with something that you do have time for: good quality sleep. Research shows us that it’s an important part of a healthy lifestyle. Like Sleep Number says, “Sleep is at the very center of a healthy mind, body and soul.” I couldn’t agree more! Common sense and experience tell us that a good night’s sleep is hard to put a price tag on. I can honestly tell you that we are sleeping better now not only because our bed offers physical comfort, but I think we have both found happiness in sharing a mutual love for our new-found level of great sleep.


If you are serious about making better sleep a priority in your life, I highly suggest that you visit a Sleep Number store. We enjoyed our in-store visit and had a great time trying out the different beds and educating ourselves on their products so that we could find real solutions to our sleep issues. As you might know, mattress shopping can be a very stressful experience, but we found that the staff and store layout made it not only enjoyable, but it was a wonderful learning experience as well. Cheers to great sleep!




*Disclosure: I am thrilled to have partnered with Sleep Number to experience this product and share my thoughts and opinions with you. I did receive compensation for sharing this information with you, but these are 100% my own opinions which were not influenced by another person. 

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