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5 Must-Haves to Conquer Your Bedtime Routine

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5 Must-Haves to Conquer Your Bedtime Routine

Falling asleep can be very difficult for many of us. Our nightly routines tend to consist of watching television or scrolling through our phones until our eyes close shut. If you have trouble sleeping or frequently wake up throughout the night, a new bedtime routine may be of use to you. These 4 must-have items below will help unwind and relax your body, ensuring you get the best night’s sleep.



Lavender has been scientifically proven to not only help you fall asleep, but also help reduce stress. It promotes restful sleep by decreasing your heart rate and relaxing your muscles. You can use lavender in many different ways, including putting lavender oil into a diffuser or using lavender-scented lotion before bed. I suggest keeping a chic diffuser on your nightstand which is not only easily accessible, but adds a glam feel to the space.


A Journal

It is not uncommon for stress to keep us up at night. Writing down your thoughts or a to-do list of tasks you need to accomplish the next day will help relieve some anxiety and put you to sleep. Keep a journal in your nightstand or somewhere easily accessible in your bedroom!


Decaf Tea

A few sips of tea will help calm your body before bed. Some herbal teas, like valerian or chamomile, consist of compounds that are scientifically proven to help promote a good night’s sleep.


A Book 

Turn off your phone and television and pick up a good book before bed. Reading is a calming activity that will help remind your body that it’s time to sleep. Reading will also help you avoid any bright lights from electronics, which is scientifically proven to keep you from a good night’s rest. As an added, tasteful effect, you can stack some books under your lamp on your nightstand. Like this!


A Mattress You Love

This is probably the most important tip for getting the best night’s sleep. You have to invest in a good mattress! A comfortable and supportive mattress will keep you from constantly turning and waking up in the middle of the night. Make sure to decorate your bed with a few fluffy down throw pillows. This will create an extra cozy, welcoming feel in your space!



Do you have any bedtime routines or items you swear by? Feel free to let us know through our social platforms down below!


Brought to you by Chelsey Brown, Author and Founder of City Chic Décor.

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