Woman doing yoga in bed. Kneeling, lying forward with one arm out and one behind back in a twist.

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Morning Yoga Poses To Do In Bed

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Morning Yoga Poses To Do In Bed

Los Angeles-based certified yoga instructor Laurel Erilane, a teacher on the Yoga Wake Up app, offers a simple sequence you can do in bed to kick-start your morning. She recommends holding the below postures for one to two minutes. That’s less than 10 minutes added to your morning routine.


RECLINED BUTTERFLY (Supta Baddha Konasana)


Lie on your back and place the soles of the feet together, knees wide apart. If the hips are really tight, place pillows underneath your knees for support. Your hands can either be alongside your body, or you can take one hand to your belly and one hand to your heart. This is a gesture of receiving, so it’s a great pose to set a positive intention for your day.


BRIDGE POSE (Setu Bandha Sarvangasana)


Still lying on your back, bend your knees and release the soles of the feet onto the bed. Bring your arms alongside your body and lift the hips up into the air. If you want a little more, interlace your fingers underneath your body and roll the tips of your shoulder blades together. This will help to broaden your upper chest. Lift your frontal hip bones up a little higher and try not to clench your glutes (the muscles which make up the buttocks) too much. If you prefer more support, place a few firm pillows underneath your sacrum and feel a more relaxed variation.


UNIVERSAL TWIST (Shava Udarakarshanasana)


From a reclined position, draw your right knee into your chest. Take your left hand to the outside of your right knee and gently guide it over to the left, stacking your hips. Allow your right arm to open up to the right and turn your gaze opposite the knee. If your knee or shoulder are lifted, you can use your pillows to support you. If you want to go deeper, you can snuggle your bottom left knee underneath the twisted right leg to help guide it down. Repeat this on the opposite side. Twists are very detoxifying, kind of like a wringing out of your internal organs. They also help to realign your spine and boost digestion.



LEGS-UP-THE-WALL (Viparita Karani)


Find some wall space at the head of the bed, and run your feet up the wall, keeping your hips and upper body on the bed. If you would like to lift your hip higher, add pillows. If you want to intensify this, let your chest, head, neck and arms hang off the side of the bed and allow your legs to float in air. This is essentially the same pose, just adding more of a supported back bend, which will help to energize your day.



THREAD EYE OF NEEDLE (Sucirandhrasana)



(Shoulder Stretch) Make your way onto hands and knees, and thread your right arm underneath your left arm. Allow your right cheek to come onto the bed, or possibly be supported by a pillow if it doesn’t quite reach. Soften the sides of your neck. If you want to go deeper, take your top left arm and lift it up in the air, internally rotate it, bending at the elbow, and place your hand in the pocket that is created between your low back and right hip.



Repeat on the left side. Open shoulders are associated with joy, so the more open they are, the more liberated you will feel in your life.


Among the goals of this sequence, says Erilane, is to start the day in a relaxed, positive inner state that will hopefully keep you focused on a “more productive lifestyle.”


“If you can create a positive environment within yourself, then the world around you will become a lot more pleasant as well,” she says. “Try this new routine for a week and notice how awake you really feel.”



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Photo credit: Ty Merkel, courtesy of Yoga Wake Up

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