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5 Hacks to Make RVs Feel Like Home

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5 Hacks to Make RVs Feel Like Home

The glamour of the open road is exactly why you love traveling with your home on wheels – the spectacular sunsets, the roadside diners, the serendipity and possibility at every turn. But, you don’t want to rough it, do you? That’s why you have an RV and not a tent and backpack. You want your 400 sq. ft. (the interior size of a Class A motor home) to feel like home.


Thanks to the megapopularity of tiny houses, clutter-free living, and designs for multitasking, there is no shortage of products that can make a mobile home as practical and as comfortable as any home not on wheels. Try these five favorites for bringing the comforts of home to your RV.


Keep stuff in place.


If you’re moving on down the road, everything needs to be secured to walls and counters. Margo Armstrong, author of nine books about the RV experience, as well as the RV Lifestyle Experts website, swears by sticky mounting putty that helps objects stay in place. Others opt for megamagnets for spice racks, knives, and other kitchen essentials. Either way, these tools keep niceties where they belong.


Do it in an instant.


Even people with large kitchens and loads of storage space are obsessed with products like an Instant Pot, a multitasking device that replaces the need for several appliances, including a pressure cooker, steamer, and rice cooker. These devices are applauded for helping reduce cooking time, so you can get out and explore, instead of spending time in the kitchen.


Keep clean.


Armstrong is a big fan of her small, cordless vacuum which has lots of little tool attachments. Yes, she has a larger traditional vacuum stored in the lower outside compartments in her RV for when she needs a deep clean. But that’s a hassle to drag out when you only need to clean up some breakfast crumbs.


Let there be light.


Rechargeable solar lights are designed to be mounted to a deck or in a garden path. These affordable illuminators can also be added to step stools, camping chairs and other mobile furniture to make your extended outdoor nighttime RV space safe and eco-friendly.


Get support.


Without a good night’s sleep you can’t enjoy everything the road life has to offer. Did you know you can get a Sleep Number® mattress for your RV? The Sleep Number® r5 mattress adjusts on each side and comes in sizes perfect for your RV. “What good is it to go on vacation if you lose sleep over a crummy mattress?” asks happy customer Jon G. “The r5 gives me the same comfort as my Sleep Number bed at home while I’m anywhere in the country.”




Now that your RV ride is properly outfitted for your journey, check out our ideas for the best RV road trips.

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