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4 Ways Snoring + Camping Can Co-Exist

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4 Ways Snoring + Camping Can Co-Exist

It’s possible, says Dr. Kathleen Yaremchuk, an ear, nose and throat doctor who studies snoring. But that argument isn’t likely to keep fellow campers happy on your next camping trip. One snorer in camp can keep a whole tent, RV or campsite awake the better part of the night – and in the middle of the night, a snoring camper is a far more immediate threat than a theoretical bear attack.


These four tips can help snorers and non-snorers happily co-exist on camping trips:


Drink less alcohol before bed.


Most people like to kick back a cold one while camping, but if you snore, consider switching to tea or water a few hours before hitting the hay. Alcohol relaxes the soft tissues in the back of the throat, and increases the probability of snoring. Even people who don’t normally snore may do so after a few too many.


Invest in a supportive mattress.


People are most likely to snore when sleeping on their back. If you’re sleeping in a tent, pack a camping mattress or pad that provides enough cushioning so you can sleep comfortably on your side. If you camp in an RV, think about investing in a Sleep Number® RV mattress.


Bring earplugs.


If you snore, do your friends and family a favor and bring squishy foam earplugs for everyone in your group. Odds are they’ll appreciate your efforts to help them sleep while camping. It’s a good idea to bring earplugs along on any camping trip, whether you snore or not. That way, you’re prepared if someone else starts snoring, or if the campsite next to yours decides to party long into the night.


Use a white noise machine.


Snoring is so annoying in part because it’s inconsistent. The human brain can tune out consistent noises – people who live next to a busy highway, for instance, don’t consciously register the buzz of traffic after a while. Snoring is disruptive because it’s an abrupt, jarring noise interspersed with periods of silence. A white noise machine creates a constant, soothing tone and can effectively counter snoring. In a pinch you can use a white noise app on your smartphone.


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