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3 Ways to a Perfect Sleep Score of 100

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3 Ways to a Perfect Sleep Score of 100

How much sleep should you get? That is one of the most common sleep questions. Early or late, the QUALITY of your sleep matters most. If you’re a SleepIQ® technology user, do you see those green bars on your screen? Those determine how well you slept last night.


Our Sleep Number® experts compared sleep sessions between those who achieved the best SleepIQ® score of 100 vs. other sleep sessions. Those who received a score of 100 went to bed earlier, but woke up earlier, yet had the most restful sleep. Are there habits you need to change to achieve restful sleep (i.e. more green bars in your SleepIQ® app)? Below are three tips to help you up your sleep game tonight. Give them a try and see if it helps you or your family.  And, don’t worry if you’re not getting a perfect 100 score all the time. Sleep Number® research finds that people who use SleepIQ® technology experience improved sleep quality and more restful time in bed.  You’re on the right track.



Cut Caffeine


We all LOVE our coffee, right? Although this amazing liquid helps stimulate us in the a.m., it can also take a while to wear off. Cutting out caffeine around noon can help you get the quality sleep you need. For more about the effects of caffeine, check out this short video.


No Alcohol 


After a long day, a nightcap seems like the go-to before you head off to la-la land. Not so fast! Alcohol can disrupt your REM sleep, causing you to sleep less. For those who roar, it can also make snoring worse. In order to achieve quality sleep, we suggest consuming alcohol sparingly. Check out this quick video on sleep and alcohol.


Limit Screen-time


Whether catching up on your favorite Netflix show or checking your social media, unplugging an hour before bed can help ensure better sleep. The blue light in screens has a strong influence on your internal body clock, making it more difficult to fall asleep. View this short video for tips on how unplugging before bed can help you sleep.



*Based on SleepIQ® data from 9/1/17 to 10/15/17



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