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3 Tips to Get Red Carpet Ready

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3 Tips to Get Red Carpet Ready

With the Kids Film It Festival quickly approaching, it’s time to go through a checklist for the big event to ensure you’re red carpet ready.  Tickets? New threads? Your style is on fleek.


But, being red carpet ready means more than just Instagram selfies. #kidsfilmitfestival


How are you sleeping? Are you ready for overnight travel? And what foods should you avoid and eat while traveling to feel great?   To shine like the star that you are, and have a memorable trip, our sponsor, Sleep Number, has 3 tips to help you feel red carpet ready.




Be alert. Fight off sickness. Boost creativity. All good reasons to sleep, right? Award nights can run long. You won’t slay it if you’re tired. If you already have a sleep routine, great. If you don’t, there’s no better time to start than now.


Some Helpful Starters


  • It’s ideal to have a consistent bedtime, so try to go to bed and wake up around the same time every day whenever possible. This helps creates a healthy rhythm in your body so your body naturally knows when it’s time to do wake vs. sleep.
  • Smartphones are great to network with movie-making friends, but the blue light from electronics can disrupt the hormone that helps regulate your sleep (melatonin). Tips for creating well-rested kids (and parents) include turning off electronic devices, and dimming all house lights, one hour before bedtime. If this is hard, at least turn on the night-mode filters on those electronics or wear blue-light blocking glasses during this time.
  • Help calm your mind and body by reading a fun book, stretching or meditating before bed.
  • If you have younger brothers or sisters traveling with you, they may need a little more help to get a good night’s sleep, which you can read here.


FUN FACT:  Did you know your body goes through different stages of sleep while you’re sleeping? These stages each have an important job in helping your body and mind feel their best.


  • When you first fall asleep, light sleep contributes to alertness the following day.
  • Deep sleep helps your body’s immune function so you’re less likely to get sick.
  • REM sleep is the gatekeeper of creativity — the reason you’re at the Kids Film It Festival, after all.




Chances are you’re traveling to Cleveland to attend the big bash at the Rock n’ Roll Hall of Fame. This year, we received submissions from around the world.  A long week of school, long road trips, sleeping in an unfamiliar hotel or rental, can mess up even the best-slept kids and parents. Yawning is definitely not a good look. To sleep well before travel, follow these four tips.




You might be tempted to grab a caffeinated drink, but these drinks can make you jittery or anxious. If you’re up for an award, you don’t want anything ruining your zen. Caffeine also acts as a diuretic — meaning you might have to use the bathroom more often. You didn’t make it this far to be stuck in a bathroom stall all night. Caffeine can also keep you from falling asleep and staying asleep, so as a general rule, avoid caffeine after noon. For a natural burst of energy, try a berry smoothie, a handful of nuts, or any of these other caffeine-free pick me ups.


Sleep Number is proud to sponsor the Kids Film It Festival.  Like nutrition and exercise, quality sleep is essential for optimal health and performance. To ensure kids and their families understand the impact of quality sleep and have the tools to achieve it, Sleep Number is committed to improving 1 million kids’ lives through better sleep by 2025. To learn more, visit the Sleep Number Social Impact page, and find your Sleep Number® setting for your best possible night’s sleep.


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