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Sleep Number’s 10 Most Popular Stories of 2018

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Sleep Number's 10 Most Popular Stories of 2018

In case you missed them, or just want to read them again, here are the most popular stories about sleep, wellness & tech from the Sleep Number blog.


  1. 5 Foods to Avoid Before Sleeping (and 5 to Try Instead):  While you might be tempted to dish out late-night bowls of ice cream or popcorn, your body needs several hours to digest a large snack, and that can disturb sleep. READ
  2. 6 Science-Backed Tips to Fall Back Asleep That Really Work:  How about we break the cycle tonight? Here are six scientifically proven tips and tricks that will have you back to sleep in no time.  READ
  3. How to Wabi Sabi Your Home: the Philosophy of Imperfection: First in a three-part series about Wabi Sabi, a philosophy of embracing imperfection as a path to greater happiness.  READ
  4. How to Battle Mid-Life Insomnia: Do you suddenly find yourself wide awake at 3 a.m., or tossing and turning half the night before sleep finds you?  Maybe this sleep advice can help.  READ
  5. Sleep Advice from Women in Their 70s:  Wisdom and confidence blossom with age. So, what advice do two women in their 70s have for younger women?  READ

  6. Tracked His Sleep & Learned This About Alcohol: Having access to his sleep metrics led Matt Ystad to change some behaviors; surprisingly, alcohol was one of them.  READ
  7. 3 Easy Make-Ahead Breakfasts For Your Busiest Mornings: While it might seem like a good idea to forgo your morning meal for some extra shut-eye, that’s a mistake. Easy make-ahead breakfasts may help.  READ
  8. How to Organize Papers | Get Rid of Clutter (part 1): Part of a four-part series on clearing clutter to help you preserve what’s most important to your life, so you can rest easy, and stay open to the new opportunities and adventures. READ

  9. 5 Morning Yoga Poses to Do In Bed: Morning person or not, sometimes it’s hard to wake up and get out of bed. Boost your brain, circulation, immune system and digestion, with yoga poses you can do IN BED.  READ
  10. Why a Smart Bed is the Smartest Choice: Guest blogger, and Sleep Number bed owner, Lauren Kay Sims shares her 360 smart bed review.  READ

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