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White Paper – Quality sleep: The center of a healthy life


It is mid-January, which means the gym is packed, grocery baskets are filled with fresh produce, and motivational books are topping best-seller charts. While people understand the importance of exercise and diet for good health, the essential role of sleep is often overlooked. You may be doing everything else right, but not sleeping well could…

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Which TV Character’s Bedroom Matches Your Personal Style?


Looking for a little interior decorating inspiration? Skip the magazine rack and go right to the small screen. It’s the golden age of television; characters have never been more interesting, and their bedroom sets have never been more on point. This short quiz will help you find your TV soul mate and give you a…

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Create a Wind-Down Ritual


We all know folks who can drink a large latte late at night, text and email in bed with the TV blaring, and then drift dreamily off to slumber. Lucky as those people may be, most of us require a wind-down ritual before sleep—a regular, nightly routine that calms and decompresses us, telling our brain…

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Can You Sleep Your Way Slimmer?


Diet and exercise have long been heralded as the twin pillars of weight loss, but there’s a third factor that’s often overlooked: sleep. Research shows that you can undercut your efforts to drop pounds by not logging enough pillow time. “What has been shown time and time again is if we don’t get good sleep,…

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Sleep Better for Your Best Self


Sleep is crucial to our well-being. For decades, research—such as this article from the National Institutes of Health—has shown that a healthy lifestyle depends on getting enough quality shut-eye. Sleep (or lack thereof) can impact everything from weight gain to mood regulation to general brain health. A chronic lack of sleep can lead to high…

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Sleep Number Introduces the Sleep Number 360™ Smart Bed

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CES Innovation Awards Winner – “Best of Innovation” Honoree in Home Appliances; “The Only Bed that Goes to Work When You Go to Sleep” January 03, 2017 09:00 AM Eastern Standard Time LAS VEGAS–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Today at CES Unveiled in Las Vegas, Sleep Number will introduce the Sleep Number 360™ smart bed, one of the most…

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Perform Better at the Gym with Proper Sleep


If you’re hitting the gym regularly or training for a special event, more shut-eye could help you run faster, lift heavier weights and recover more quickly. Here’s a closer look at how proper sleep can take your workouts and training to the next level. Effects of Sleep Deprivation on Athletes A recent study published in…

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Three Smoothies to Power Your New Year


Do you struggle to reclaim healthy eating habits as the new year begins? The aftermath of holiday stress and low nutrition can wreak havoc on your overall well-being, not to mention your ability to stay centered and maintain balance between rest and energy, says Stacy Kennedy, chief wellness officer for AVA, a service that provides…

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Did you resolve to get better sleep in 2017?


Enter our winter sweepstakes for a chance to win a Sleep Number® m7 mattress with SleepIQ® technology, plus bedding, valued over $4,700! Sleep Number® Winter Sweepstakes Grand Prize Includes: Queen Sleep Number® m7 mattress and modular base set with SleepIQ® technology Queen Total Protection Mattress Pad Two Standard Classic ComfortFit® pillows Two Standard Classic In…

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Jump Start Winter Mornings with the Right Habits


As the season settles in, dark mornings can feel like an uncomfortable surprise, no matter how many winters you’ve experienced. The northern climes have shorter days than the south, but any changes in natural sunlight and darkness can affect your sleep and energy. These daily habits can help you feel more awake in the morning,…

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